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Ambulance chasers. Vultures. Pond life.

Just some of the names applied to personal injury lawyers. The media loves getting the public riled up, and the media is good at it, so I don’t blame anyone really.

ronnie conway

And I’ve heard all the lawyer jokes, wearing a fixed smile and thinking to myself, “If something ever happens to you mate, you’ll find out how the insurance industry really works.”

I hope you can see, having read this book, that most of us bear no resemblance to the popular lawyer image. We’re even quite friendly most of the time.

The truth is, I — and my colleagues in the legal world — have seen a lot of good people get less than they deserve. That’s not right, which is why I got into this career in the first place.

I’ve specialised exclusively in accident and injury work for people just like you for over 27 years now. I ONLY act on your behalf; never for insurance companies. You’ll never catch me playing both sides. And I never pay referral fees to any third-party organisations.

This book is my fourth: I’ve written two academic textbooks for other lawyers, and one advice book dispelling myths about the “compensation culture”.

I’ve given evidence on a number of occasions to the Scottish Parliament on issues relating to the law of damages.

And I’ve acted in several leading and high-profile cases including fatal accident inquiries. Most recently, I acted for the family of Stephenie Tait in the George Square Bin Lorry Fatal Accident Inquiry.

I’m also a Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) — which basically means you can trust me to know what I’m talking about. My interests lie in helping injured people. We can’t always put you back into a pre-accident condition — but we can help to make sure you have the best chance of recovery and the brightest future possible.

I do hope you enjoy this book. The sections on insurance should let you know what cover you need and will give you the insider’s edge on how to get the best deal. As for the accident stuff, let’s hope you never need it! But if you do, I hope it helps you navigate your way through the legal system with grace, aplomb, and as little stress as possible.

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