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Chapter 8: What Happens If We Go To Court?

Worst case scenario: the insurance companies might decide to deny your claim completely.

Perhaps they don’t believe you. Or they don’t believe their own insured client was at fault. Whatever the reason, this is not good news for you.

And even if they do believe you and do accept their own client is at fault… if you’re looking at a serious injury, in my experience insurers always try to hammer down the amount you’ll receive.

In either situation you’ll have to decide whether to take your case to court. Although that sounds scary and terribly serious, you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. In most cases, the insurance companies are testing your resolve as a tactic to enable them to get the settlement they want.

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Navigating the insurance minefield

This book isn’t a “do it yourself guide”. You can’t do it yourself, you’ll have to work with and co-operate with some organisations.

But it is a “know it yourself” guide, with the aim of arming you with the “Secret Insider” knowledge you need to make informed decisions in your own best interests.

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Already had an accident?

If you’ve suffered any kind of personal injury in a car accident, whether as driver or passenger, let me make something very clear to you at the outset: the at-fault insurer is not on your side.

You must find a specialist lawyer to make sure you get the level of compensation to which you’re legally and morally entitled.

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